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Roby Marton Gin - IPG Italian Premium 47%

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Roby Marton’s Gin is an Italian luxury alcoholic drink made in the Distillery Roby Marton, founded in 2012 in Bassano del Grappa. Its delightful flavor is due to its double filtration made by an high-quality grain, spring water, and a little bit of Italian magic.

IPG Italian Premium 47% is dry gin with spice from ginger and pink pepper with a citrus finish. It is a well structured distillate with mediterranean botanicals with hint juniper, licorice and ginger followed by delicate citrus notes. 

Tips: drinking it frozen as Gin & Tonic is very elegant, fragrant with a persistent note of licorice. Serve in large goblet with ice abundant licorice root slice of ginger twist of orange and garnish everything with pink peppercorns.

Why is it so extraordinary?

This luxury beverage stand out from the crowd thanks to many characteristics. An interesting thing to note is the color. Unlike most premium gins on the market which are completely colorless, Marton's has a light daffodil color. Moreover, the list of the botanicals used in its distillation such as citrus fruits, coriander, liquorice, anise seed, pink pepper, horseradish, ginger, red fruits, cloves, as well as the classic juniper, contributes to make up an extraordinary spirit with a style all of its own.

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