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Jolanda de Colò is the brand of Italian excellence. A Friulian reality that was born in 1976 and begins its activity offering goose and duck meat and regional specialties that are still a must on the most prestigious tables not only Italian. A series of performances dictated by a special attention to quality, to the raw material, to the techniques of refinement and processing of meat.

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Something about the Brand

We follow with passion all the supply chains of our food proposals and we manage with care and love all the processing and final packaging. Only in this way can we be happy to offer excellent qualitatively superior food specialties and to get to the bottom we have applied the experience, gained over time and always highly sought after, because it is an art that you never stop learning.

We have always believed in creativity, anticipating the need for the new Italian gastronomic proposal, helping the birth of Italian creative cuisine, offering new and high quality products.

Creativity is today our true identity, a brand that stimulates us to continue our journey on poorly traveled roads but, which right here, can express itself in its true value. There will still be time to continue this adventure, which we have always been passionate about and which, we hope, will also offer satisfaction to those who have followed us and will follow us in the future.

The history of the Jolanda De Colò company was born in 1976, when Ms. Alana, out of passion, revived an ancient and abandoned Friulian peasant activity: the breeding of liver geese and the subsequent transformations of the liver and meat.

Over time, with the help of her husband Antonello and, later on with her son Bruno, the company has developed an important activity in the selection, processing and production of food specialties. Antonello, in fact, has developed his passion for researching traditional food specialties all over the world, looking for rare or endangered products, which have been enhanced and re-proposed and are now authentic delicacies.
In 1999 the new factory was opened in Palmanova, with a first expansion in 2003 and a subsequent expansion in December 2013.
Now in the factory of over 5,000 square meters, over 2,000 products are processed which constitute an important offer in the national and international food sector.

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