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Let's net the tradition: Testa mission

In the frame of Sicily, the land of colors, flavors and perfumes, rich in fruit, with lemons, blood oranges, tangerines, olives, almonds, there is also a deep seafood tradition.

We move to Ognina, near Catania, the home of Testa Family, authentic fisherman since 1800.

Their nets, rich in heritage and expertise in sustainable fishing as well as traditional fish preservation techniques, have been catching a wide variety of fish from the various types of blue fish, next to anchovies, mackerel, bogues, bringing always the best quality fish to tables.

Picture: Crusted Bread, butter or creamy cheese to spread and delicious Testa anchiovies on top.

Our selection includes Bluefine Fish Tuna from Tyrrhenian Sea, Mackerel from the Eolian islands, Anchiovies from the Ionian Sea and Ventresca Tuna belly.

The Testa family journey is long and fascinating, it has been lasting for over two centuries since the beginning of the nineteenth century when it crossed the seas around Ognina cultivating their fishing art with love and respect, marked by the sun and seasons.

Bring an elegant and light touch on your tables, one of a kind and twice as tasty, discover all Testa selection presented in a unique and elegant packaging.

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