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Cantucci Edition: Shop the tradition

In 1858 Antonio Mattei opened his business in Prato to produce and sale the typically local Almond Biscuits (Biscotti di Prato), now commonly known all over the world as "Cantucci" or "Cantuccini".
Their flavor is not too sweet, and their crunchy and dry consistency make them great to be eaten after dinner, with coffee, tea.

Although, their perfect half is Vin Santo, a sweet wine made from grapes which are laid out to dry for months. Because of its high sweetness, it doesn’t suit any meals, but it best combines with desserts, like them.

 Those historic biscuits are still baked daily by the laboratory in the historic centre of Prato, and packed one by one by hand in the classic Blu Mattei bag. They are prepared with flour, sugar, ground breeding eggs, almonds and pine nuts, they do not contain preservatives, animal fats or vegetable fats.

Over the years, beside the classical almonds recipe, many others types have been created such as Dark Chocolate chunks, Piedmont hazelnuts and Almond Pistachio.

Discover all of them and their various combinations.

Do you smell the fragrance of an ancient bakery yet? Let yourself to be carried back in the past, enjoy their sweetness and simplicity.

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