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Italian Grey Mullet Bottarga 100/130g


Product image 1Italian Grey Mullet Bottarga 100/130g
Product image 2Italian Grey Mullet Bottarga 100/130g

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Bottarga is the roe sac of a fish, most commonly grey mullet, often described as savory, rich, briny, salty, and fishy. The flavor is sometimes compared to that of dried anchovies, but bottarga's texture is undeniably smooth.

It is wonderful to eat with vegetables as an appetizer accompanied by bread or crostini. Or just on its own, sliced papers thin and seasoned with a little salt or soy sauce, a squeeze of lemon, and a slick of flavorful oil.

It is also used grated in pasta dishes, as the well-known Italian Spaghetti alla Bottarga.

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