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Frozen Seabass Filet 4 pcs - 500g approx.

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The white and delicate meat of sea bass contains proteins and very little fat , it is a fish rich in mineral salts such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, but above all phosphorus. There is no shortage of vitamins such as Niacin and vitamins A, C and E.


Just the vitamin A and minerals make this fish an excellent food for the summer season, being rich in nutrients, but without overloading the digestive system. Furthermore, the sea bass helps to restore the correct saline and hydration levels, thanks to the abundance of water, so it is an excellent food to compensate for the abundant sweating.

The few lipids contained in this meat - which decrease with the elimination of the skin - make the sea bass easy to digest, therefore recommended for people suffering from hypertension and cholesterol.

Needless to say, but speaking of fish, sea bass is also very rich in Omega 3 , fatty acids which our body needs to preserve the cardiovascular system.

If we then talk about energy values, 100 grams of sea bass contain 82 calories , which is why it is a fish species present in slimming diets.


Another positive note for the sea bass is the fact that it is a species with large bones, therefore easy to eliminate, which is why it is very often palatable even for children .

Sea bass lends itself to the most varied preparations in the kitchen, excellent both roasted and steamed , but also grilled, in "acqua pazza" or baked in foil. It is a fish with fairly firm meat for this reason it is also suitable as a filling for pasta or to flavor a soup.

For those who love raw fish, the preparation of this fish is excellent also as a tartare or simply filleted seasoned with a drop of olive oil.

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