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Montasio P.D.O. 500gr

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Product image 1Montasio P.D.O. 500gr
Product image 2Montasio P.D.O. 500gr

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Raw material: Whole thermised cow's milk collected exclusively from the associated companies of the TV, BL and PN provinces.
Appearance: The rind is thin and elastic. The color of the rind is ivory to ivory straw. The paste is compact and some elastic with some small eyes scattered across. The color of the paste is straw. 
Taste: The taste is round, creamy, dolce and delicate. The aftertaste is round, smooth, buttery with aromas of milk and flowers. 
Maturing: At least 2 months 
Curiosity: Montasio is a cheese with long and great history. It has been produced in the Friuli region since 1200 and more particular in the fertile pastures of Jof di Montasio. In the 13th century and after it was produced by the Monks of the Moggio Udinese monastery, became Montasio, the cheese that we know today. Historical references prove that since 1775 Montasio has been commercialized and move frequently to the markets with San Daniele ham.
It is the main ingredient of one of the most iconic dishes of Friulian cuisine, frico, and is generally used in Friuli in the dish called polente and formadi.
Ingredients: Cow’s milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferment, preservative: Lysozyme (egg's protein).  
Allergens: Eggs and products thereof, Milk and products thereof 
Storage Conditions: Keep refrigerated between +2 and +4 °C 
Instructions for use: Please remove crust before consumption

Nutrition Declaration:
Energy:                            1592 kJ / 384 kcal
Fat:                                  32 g
  of which saturates:           24 g
Carbohydrate:                   <0.5 g
  of which sugars:              <0.5 g
Protein:                              24 g
Salt:                                  1.6 g
Typical value per 100 g

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