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Taleggio Valsassina P.D.O. 250g

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Product image 1Taleggio Valsassina P.D.O. 250g
Product image 2Taleggio Valsassina P.D.O. 250g

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Taleggio PDO is a semi-soft Italian cheese produced with whole cow’s milk.
Its origins date back to the 10th century or even before. Farmers created this cheese since they wanted to use the exceeding milk and make a good they could eat in the future.
Taleggio is clearly recognisable thanks to the CTT mark on the rind and it has been granted the Protected Designation of Origin.

Raw material:
Pasteurized whole cow's MILK, salt, rennet
Paste soft and homogenous; rind smooth, thin, with the presence of characteristic micro flora, with light grey-greenish veins. Texture compact, softer under the rind
Sweet, slightly aromatic, more intense upon ripening
At least 35 days
Mainly arises for a need to use and store the excess milk, which do not drink immediately, still in a free world and refrigerators that do not tolerate the idea of waste. In the remote Val Taleggio he is used this milk surplus to make the square formaggelle which were left to mature in caves: is thus obtained a soft cheese called stracch (in the local dialect means "tired"; if the term is meant to nature "lying"of the paste of the cheese or the state of cows after yet another walk in the mountains is not clear). When the Val Taleggio in the twentieth century. Slowly it opens up to the world thanks to new ways to use this cheese (and its production) it diffuses rapidly across the Po Valley
Pasteurized whole cow's MILK, salt, rennet
Milk and products thereof 
Storage Conditions:
Keep refrigerated between +2 and +4 °C
Instructions for use:
The best way to eat Taleggio is clean the rind scraping it with a knife; if you dont like the strong taste remove rind before use.
Nutrition Declaration:

Energy:                            1236 kJ / 298 kcal
Fat:                                  24.5 g
  of which saturates:          15.8 g
Carbohydrate:                   0.4 g
  of which sugars:              0.4 g
Protein:                            19 g
Salt:                                 2.1 g
Typical value per 100 g

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