Let the party be-GIN!

Are you thinking about what you and your friends can drink during your party, BBQ or junk boat? We are pleased to introduce you, a special ingredient, present in the most famous cocktails of the world, the Gin.

The journey of the Genever, ancient name of Gin, is long and fascinating. Its origins go back to 1600 and put the flag down in Netherlands to move to England, where in short time, it reached the apex of its production.

Although the main component is the small berry of juniper, this distillate could be full of many different ingredients and this is the key of its success, the possibility of never being equal to itself and of offering very different aromas.

From the drier versions to the more aromatic and perfumed ones, the result of mixture of spices, berries, flowers and essences.

Besides being the national drink of Netherlands and UK, over the years, the production of this distillate has reached excellent quality levels also in Italy, thanks to the work of small distilleries, which produce a drink with its own distinctive characteristic taste. Among them, we want to present you something special and we want to do it in a very innovative way.

With our Italian Mule Party Kit!

In this innovative GIN BOX you will find everything you need to prepare and enjoy 20 cocktails: 1 bottle of Roby Marton Gin, 10 tins, 1 jigger and 8 bottles of pimiento soft drink. Only need extra limes, a bunch of fresh mint and ice.

Follow the simple instructions inside this box and have fun with your friends in preparing cocktails and making them unique. Our advice as tender bar is our Italian Mule Cocktail!


Something about Roby Martons’s Gin:


Roby Marton’s Gin is an Italian luxury alcoholic drink made in the Distillery Roby Marton, founded in 2012 in Bassano del Grappa. Its delightful flavor is due to its double filtration made by an high-quality grain, spring water, and a little bit of Italian magic.

This refinement gives to the gin a bigger, fuller flavor and it makes its texture even more pleasurable creating a smooth and clean beverage.

Why is it so extraordinary?

This luxury beverage stand out from the crowd thanks to many characteristics. An interesting thing to note is the color. Unlike most premium gins on the market which are completely colorless, Marton's has a light daffodil color. Moreover, the list of the botanicals used in its distillation such as citrus fruits, coriander, liquorice, anise seed, pink pepper, horseradish, ginger, red fruits, cloves, as well as the classic juniper, contributes to make up an extraordinary spirit with a style all of its own.

Follow this simple instructions and prepare your cocktails!


Let the party be-GIN!

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