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Put a little South in your mouth

What is the best dressing to enrich a dish, mainteing its flavour and giving it a bit of lightness?
The answer in our E-shop! We want to present you an extraordinary product direclty from the South of Italy, Oilala' Olive Oil, a mixture of elegance and superior quality.
Did you know that Italy, besides being the home of many types of food and wines, it is also the land of olive oil, counting 538 types, variegated from North to South, which represent the 40% of all those known globally.

Its great variety is standing out from region to region for intensity, taste, delicacy and it is well known also all over the world, having received international awards in every corner of the planet. Oilala' oil derives from the selection of the best olives and presents a unique packaging thanks to the collaboration with artists and designers.

Do you prefer an intense and strong flavour or something milder and sweet?

To meet the tastes and the specific expectations of the consumers, they realized two different types obtained from the Monocultivar of Peranzana, and Coratina. The extracted oil from the Peranzana is a rich in fruitness, fresh, and sensitive, perfect for delicate dishes like baked fish and white meat.

Our suggestion: lovely for the Italian bruschetta.

The Coratina, is more bitter and spicy, it has a strong flavor and robust character, with accentuated tones of spiciness, suitable for flavouring complex preparations.

Do you want to stay even lighter? We have also the 100% Biological Coratina available for you!

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