Frozen Premium Selection "Fassona" Beef Tartare - 100gr

Consorzio La Granda

Product image 1Frozen Premium Selection "Fassona" Beef Tartare - 100gr
Product image 2Frozen Premium Selection "Fassona" Beef Tartare - 100gr

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La Granda” is an association of farmers founded in 1996, that under the direction of dr. Capaldo, believed and created a plan to upgrade the Piedmontese cattle breed, increasing the consumption of quality meat. Almost all the producers are associated with the Consortium of the Piedmontese Cattle Breed and carry the knowledge of its founder, Dr. Francesco Delfino.The breeders of the Consortium, have sought and collected the necessary inducement to create a new project, led just by themselves. Aware of difficulties of a changing target, members of La Granda turned to a different consumer model.Starting from high quality production standards, breeders of Piemontese, tried to transfer the experiences of the Consortium in the “Granda” project: a new idea of producing meat, with a different sensitivity related to animal welfare, but above all, with the desire to change the world’s livestock-feeding rules.


Far from the attempt to compete with large retailers, La Granda breeders searched for a different market, with a careful consumer that wants to know the identity of the breed, the production regulations and what’s behind a product.The success of the last years awarded the choices of the association, and showed the sign that the “other” consumer exists even for meat, has for wine and cheese, curious to know and learn a bit more.Twenty breeders don’t represent the whole world’s Piedmontese breeders, but they can make the difference. For the first time “La Granda” gave rules: meat production with a fixed price that is the result of an agreement between butchers and consumers: both willing to spend a little more to have high quality meat.On the institutional side, “La Granda” wanted to rediscover and revalue the role of the farmer-producer. Master of his product, able to search a different kind of consumer, to appear and to compete with other producers, giving a new image to a productive world that rewards consumers and producers.


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