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Frozen Altamura Bread (1/4 loaf) - 0.75 kg

F.lli Abbascià

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A century-old Italian bread appreciated worldwide, the first to have obtained PDO status (products with protected designation of origin) in 2013: the Altamura bread. A round loaf with a crisp crust, inside it is soft, yellow and slightly honeycombed. Every morning, 600 quintals of this bread are produced and its scent wafts through the town.

The recipe for Altamura bread has remained unvaried since the Middle Ages. The ingredients are durum wheat flour, mother dough, salt and water. Nothing else. But each of these ingredients has to be special to ensure that the magic works. There are five important steps in the process: kneading, shaping, leavening, modelling and baking in a wood-fired oven.

On the nose, Altamura bread suggests aromas of roasted hazelnuts, or coffee and vanilla at times. When fresh, it is soluble and doughy when chewed, becoming more resistant with time. Like all great Italian products, this bread is best enjoyed on its own, or in the ancient recipe originating from this same territory: bruschetta. Slices of toasted bread seasoned with sea salt, Apulian oil and a hint of garlic rubbed onto its surface.
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