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Bocconcini 3 milks (cow, sheep, goat) 250gr

Caseificio Paje

Product image 1Bocconcini  3 milks (cow, sheep, goat) 250gr
Product image 2Bocconcini  3 milks (cow, sheep, goat) 250gr

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They are a hybrid cheese produced with not one but three milks, cow, sheep and goat, mixed together. The end result is unique and intriguing, both for flavor and for consistency. Is produced in Piedmont.

Just cut and discover the complex interior: there’s the layer at the crust, wrinkled and very fragrant, a thin creamy nail just below the crust, and a compact and chalky heart, very white. When this complex layering meets your tooth, just amaze you lovable irreverence of goat, which is immediately noted; but then gives way to warm mellow notes of dark paste, coexist here in the slight flavor of the sheep and the slight aftertaste walnut cow's milk.

Cut with a thin-bladed knife. For one tasting considered that in a nibble can be obtained safely six servings.

Excellent with a little bit of strawberry jam, dried apricots, in a baby spinach salad seasoned only with few drops of balsamic vinegar

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