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Frozen Peppo Rustico Bread 250 gr pc - 2 pcs by bag

PANE - Forno Italiano

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After these two became friends, they started a company. Their aims were to sell good Italian bread to every bakery, store, shop, bar and hotel in the world while not changing the traditional quality that Italians have passed down over the generations for centuries and that PANE projects into the future by making it easy for everyone to produce it at home. It takes just a few minutes to bake the recipes which Alberto Morato created following their common dream: to create innovative, high quality products that can transform anyone into a master baker!

Made from bread wheat flour, this bread cooked“on  the  ground is characterized by a typical Italian flavour. It has a peculiar texture, with a slightly yellow colour, due to a higher concentration of carotenoids which, among all healthy substances in wheat, have a pre-emptive role against the process of cells aging. In detail, it must be highlighted that whole grain bread contains antioxidants in a larger number that can be found in red grapes, which is the reference product for antioxidant capacity.

Bake from frozen at 200 degrees for 15 minutes.
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