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What is one the plates that makes us thinking of Italy the most? What if, we say Carbonara? Are you hungry yet? We present you a great classic of the Italian cuisine, better known as the masterpiece of taste and happiness.

There are several discrepancies regarding its history and origin, but we all agree that a good one can be only prepared if raw materials high quality.




400g Spaghetti Pastificio Mancini

200g Guanciale - Cured Pork cheek

3 Eggs and 2 Yolks 100g Pecorino Romano

A bunch of pepper




  1. Put some pecorino cheese, eggs and pepper in a bowl. Mix all of them with a whisk or a fork, until the mixture is foamy.
  2. Removing the rind from the pillow and cutting into strips. Cook it gently in a pan until it has released its fat and become a crispy bit.
  3. At this point, lower the flame of the stove and remove the strips from the pan, where there will be only the melted fat to which you have to add a ladle of cooking water, which will release a bit of starch that helps to create the creamy effect and to thicken the egg slightly.
  4. Dip the spaghetti in plenty of lightly salted water and at the end of cooking, drain them, pour the spaghetti in the pan with fat of the pillow.
  5. Let them flavor for a couple of minutes on high heat.
  6. Take out the pan from the stove, wait one minute before adding the mixture with the eggs previously prepared.
  7. Once the desired consistency has been reached, add the crispy guanciale and serve with ground black pepper.


Italian grandmothers advice: Don't overcook the eggs, and remember to eat spaghetti al dente!

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